Types of engagement rings

When you want the best rings, you can’t compromise on the quality. So if you want something that’s truly terrific when it’s about finding the right engagement ring in Singapore. And when you want something truly different, you’ll find that there’s bafflingly little useful advice out there about buying an engagement ring. A click on the browser and you have websites giving you tips on how to become an amateur purchaser. It’s time for some wisdom to help you get what you want without splurging those extra bucks. Here is a list of diamonds that are really worth their price. They are trendy, sexy and are waiting to be adorned.

Pavé Diamonds are a rage

The classy pavé setting is tiny, faceted, with fully cut stones that are set as close together as possible so you can’t see the metal around them. It’s sort of a metal band has been paved with diamonds. Its pave look has the bling that’s not outlandish. When you look for a proposal ring in Singapore, you can see pavé in metals from yellow gold to platinum.

Diamond Rings

The Vintage Look

Old is new this season. Go with the subtle and delicate look of vintage-inspired rings as the gems on these rings with their Old European round center cut make it a gorgeous option. You have Asscher cuts in these too. These come with minimal scroll-like engraving, and have microset (tiny, half-point) diamonds that make for perfect engagement options.

Colored Stones are a new trend

Forget just a big single colored solitaire on that finger and go with canary yellow diamonds, blue and pink sapphires or the rare light pink diamonds instead. These can now be seen on fingers everywhere. Sexy colors look really modern in a filigreed setting too. You can either let this be your birthstone or anything else. Looking for an engagement ring in Singapore is fairly easy when you know what color you really want.

Engagement Ring

Rings that are stacked

You can have two or more metal bands stacked together. This makes a fabulous fashion statement. You can either choose eternity bands with stones all the way around or channel set which are flush with the metal. Even pavé or plain metal bands are a rage today. The look is modern and flexible. You can easily wear it with or without your engagement ring. The best part is that you can start with one and he’ll have anniversary gift possibilities for the next few years.

So what are you waiting for? Use the suggestions to get the best ring for your special someone who means the world to you. Engagements rings made special!


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