Singapore jewelry trends notches higher this season

There’s no denying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but with record gold prices, semi-precious stones are the next big thing and there are many things you can experiment with. With various metals now becoming a welcome ally, jewellers in Singapore are experimenting like never before. Recent trends are dictated by really chunky pieces, the likes of clunky gold bangles and sexy anklets.

Jewelry Singapore

Even though some heavy-weight pieces are becoming really popular in jewelry in Singapore, many limited means are being targeted by a new trend for slinky jewelry, hollowed out pieces and jewelry made from non-traditional materials.

Fashionistas are no seen talking about “Sophisticated simplicity” which is the buzzword for most. Another important trend that has emerged over the years is the street-chic and rustic pieces made of semi-precious stones. These also come in materials like wood and titanium which give it a very different look. Experts say it’s not about the bling anymore. The days of the big heavy gold chain are probably over. And even those who are still sticking to the trend, lighter options in jewelry in Singapore are there. Girls are now vouching for smart fashion and this casual-chic style is probably a reflection of both fashion and economics.

What’s fuelling this trend are the prices of gold and platinum which have rocketed to record highs in the recent years. No one wants to spend like crazy in fashion jewelry. Then the designers are offering us lighter weight designs. This simply is giving way to more inventive and innovative designs to come up and the craftsmanship is being valued. People around the world are seeing a shift in favor of hollow jewelry. This is a smart moves that leads to less consumption of precious metals and are being sold for more or less the same prices that heavier items sold for a year or two ago before gold prices really began to soar.

Wedding Rings

The trend for light-weight jewelry can also be seen in high-end wedding ring settings. But people don’t really skimp on things like that. Spending money on jewelry with meaning is the new game. People who can’t afford platinum go for white gold instead. Generally, platinum pieces are two to three times dearer than 18 carat white gold.

Interestingly, there was more jewelry on the red carpet at the Oscars recently. This has given people a lot of trendy options to choose from and also know what not to do. A lot of actresses are wearing big gold necklaces which some women just don’t prefer. When it’s about trends, you need to go with something that assures to go with many seasons and ages.


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