Getting the best engagement rings in Singapore

Apart from buying your home or car, engagement rings are some of the best and most lavish purchases in anyone’s life. And most of us walk into a jewelry store clueless. There’s a lot that confuses a person. From how much to spend to doubts about the authenticity of the diamond that cloud your mind, there’s a lot that keeps you from taking the big step. However, if you want to get enough bling for your buck, here are some tips that lead you to the diamond she can’t say no to!


Setting a clear budget before shopping for a ring is essentially a must because you need to be realistic about what you can afford. The age-old three-month’s salary rule is largely unrealistic. You should always go with something that makes financial sense for your situation. And then there are things that you can compromise on and some that you can’t. You can let go of features like choosing less expensive white gold rather than platinum and these can be within your budget while leaving you a little room to upgrade in others as you scout for proposal ring in Singapore.

Diamond Rings

The next important thing is to infuse the partner’s style into the design of the ring can be as easy as taking a look in her jewelry box. Try and find out what she’s wearing. This can be tricky. For instance, see what she likes and her lifestyle and find what you think would be appropriate for her. Pick up hints from your trips to the jewelry stores together. Find out what engagement rings catch her eye. Even better, see what her friends have to say about her style. And if everything else fails, get her involved in the ring selection process. Put some serious thought into it before you pick this option.

Engagement Ring

The simplest rule to diamonds is to know the grades and the four Cs: Cut, color, carat (weight), and clarity. You have to find a way to strike a balance between these and find the right stone just within your budget. Each C has its own significance but there is one that you can’t compromise on and that’s the CUT. For those of you who confuse it with shape, know that cut defines how well a diamond will sparkle when it hits the light. This is why investing in a good cut grading is ideal since it ensures maximum brilliance and adds additional life to your diamond.


Use these tips and make your engagement rings shopping more fun and interesting. Get the best of both worlds by selecting an ideal diamond within your budget. You don’t need to put together months and months of salary anymore!


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