Tips that help you pick flawless diamonds

Get real when it comes to purchasing anything in diamond

When you are putting your hands on the right kind of wedding ring, or earrings in diamond, avoid falling to those oh-these-go-with-this-dress options. Diamonds are an investment of sorts and you can’t risk them by just buying them for one specific dress. Buy something you will wear comfortable for years. Go with only real diamonds and don’t fall for its counterparts. And if that’s beyond your budget, get cultured pearl studs.

When buying diamond ear rings, match them right

When you want simple studs, match them well. No tools can rightly measure the patterns of a diamond’s cut like human eye does. For instance, you’re looking for one large diamond for each ear, it’s a little difficult to tell the difference in the size, but ensure you know that they both look alike.Diamond Rings

Pick the best when you go for a diamond

You will always have people telling you diamond quality doesn’t matter especially when it’s about diamond ear rings but that’s not true. So many of us give in to those yellow diamonds with visible inclusions just because we think no one will be looking that seriously at the ears. It is recommended that go with G-H-I color and SI clarity. And when it’s about your wedding ring, well, you know the answer.

Who says size doesn’t matter?

Be it your wedding ring, or any piece of jewelry that you are planning to buy, you’ve got to be sure that you buy a size that is worth it. Also make sure you know when someone offers you a specific size, what it exactly means. For instance, one carat studs mean half-carat per ear and not one carat for each ear. And then you have to ensure that if you are going for huge single-gem studs in any piece of jewelry, they shouldn’t really protrude, more so when they are in your ears.


Decide your budget in advance

When you are going for diamonds, there are fair chances you will end up buying something that fall slightly off your budget. In that case, you should know what you are getting into. Decide in advance how much you are willing to spend on a specific piece of jewelry.

Proposal RingGo with a trusted brand

There are many fakes in diamond ear rings that can’t be spotted easily. This is why it is pivotal to find the right supplier. Go for someone you can trust. Good brands are always a preferred option as they give you licensed products which are completely authentic.

Follow simple guidelines to get your diamonds today and flaunt those rings and studs with poise!


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