Proposal ring business getting net savvy!

It’s wedding season! Well isn’t it always wedding season! But this time we have a new pocket burner ‘the Internet’ which can be the “last moment” jewelry buyer’s savior angel but make sure you know what to look for and the right place to look for it.

More people are picking out their precious proposal ring online these days. The online jewelry industry has grown to $10 billion and also has been increasing an average of 3% a year from the past five years. So don’t give it a second thought or be apprehensive while buying a proposal ring or a diamond ear rings online. It not only saves you the sweat of visiting a jeweler store but also gives you a wider range of options to choose from.

Diamond RingsA woman with a classy and glamorous taste and a love for bling will definitely appreciate a proposal ring with channel-set diamonds in the band, after all isn’t that every girls dream? This band features tiny diamonds throughout the band, making these more sparkly than solitaires or even three-stone rings. The way they are embedded into the band makes channel-set diamonds different. Channel-set diamond rings tend to be the more affordable than its other counterparts. Add a set of diamond ear rings to this and you are sorted!

Diamond Ring SingaporeMany a brides have visited the jeweler to pick a diamond ring, only to return disappointed and frustrated at the lack of options. Women who plan on wearing their proposal ring solo on occasion might want to steer clear of the dilemma of their engagement ring complementing their wedding ring.

Before choosing a wedding ring on an online store, read the store’s return policy properly. It is obviously hard tojudge a diamond online, and there are chances that you might not be happy with ring. Make sure the retailer offers free shipping and complete refund. The other option is if you want to try the wedding ring before you buy it there are few online stores that offer that too. Remember that the online jewelry stores do take credit card information so be careful with what sites you visit and also be aware of all your transactions.


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