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Importance of Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement ring is a symbol of love whereby, two people accept the proposal of marriage and promise to engage into a lasting relationship. It is also a sign to show people that the woman is no more single as she has made a commitment of marriage with her partner. The minute the engagement ceremony is over; there comes almost a flood of compliments, blessings and yes, numerous questions of course! The foremost among them relates to the diamond engagement rings exchanged between the couple. Where did you buy it? What is the cost? Did you ask for customized design or it is straight from the jewelry catalogue of the shop? However, no one gets bother by these questions. It’s lovely to talk about the relationship that is getting ensued between you and your partner. Anything praiseworthy brings a blush upon the cheeks of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be.

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

The history of engagement rings relates to the ancient period wherein Egyptians were credited for starting the trend of exchanging rings. The names kept on changing from ancient to medieval and finally in the modern age. Earlier, they were known as betrothal rings or regards rings. Today, diamond engagement rings stand the popular name to address them. Whatever be the name, the significance of exchanging rings lay in the acceptance of new found love and to develop the relationship further into an endless union of two souls.

In early times, different metals were used to carve out engagement rings. For instance, gold, iron and silver were largely used in this regard. Princesses used to wear gold rings on public events while iron rings were worn on regular basis. It was in the late 1930s that the diamond brand De Beers came up with slogan “A diamond is forever” associated with its marketing campaign. The campaign soon became huge success and diamonds caught up the popular imagination across the world. Be it a developed country or a developing one; diamonds were making huge business everywhere. The trend popularized so much that engagement rings became synonymous to the diamond rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings

In general, diamond engagement rings are meant to be worn in the forefinger of the left hand till the wedding day on which they get replaced by the wedding rings. However, in some cultures both the rings are worn simultaneously; one in the left hand and another in the right one. Different cultures have different trends and value systems for different occasions. However, none of the cultures across the globe defy the value that has been associated to engagement ceremony and for that matter, to the engagement rings from the very early period. It’s no wonder then people tend to spend a lot of money when it comes to purchase the ultimate ring for his/her partner.


Getting the best engagement rings in Singapore

Apart from buying your home or car, engagement rings are some of the best and most lavish purchases in anyone’s life. And most of us walk into a jewelry store clueless. There’s a lot that confuses a person. From how much to spend to doubts about the authenticity of the diamond that cloud your mind, there’s a lot that keeps you from taking the big step. However, if you want to get enough bling for your buck, here are some tips that lead you to the diamond she can’t say no to!


Setting a clear budget before shopping for a ring is essentially a must because you need to be realistic about what you can afford. The age-old three-month’s salary rule is largely unrealistic. You should always go with something that makes financial sense for your situation. And then there are things that you can compromise on and some that you can’t. You can let go of features like choosing less expensive white gold rather than platinum and these can be within your budget while leaving you a little room to upgrade in others as you scout for proposal ring in Singapore.

Diamond Rings

The next important thing is to infuse the partner’s style into the design of the ring can be as easy as taking a look in her jewelry box. Try and find out what she’s wearing. This can be tricky. For instance, see what she likes and her lifestyle and find what you think would be appropriate for her. Pick up hints from your trips to the jewelry stores together. Find out what engagement rings catch her eye. Even better, see what her friends have to say about her style. And if everything else fails, get her involved in the ring selection process. Put some serious thought into it before you pick this option.

Engagement Ring

The simplest rule to diamonds is to know the grades and the four Cs: Cut, color, carat (weight), and clarity. You have to find a way to strike a balance between these and find the right stone just within your budget. Each C has its own significance but there is one that you can’t compromise on and that’s the CUT. For those of you who confuse it with shape, know that cut defines how well a diamond will sparkle when it hits the light. This is why investing in a good cut grading is ideal since it ensures maximum brilliance and adds additional life to your diamond.


Use these tips and make your engagement rings shopping more fun and interesting. Get the best of both worlds by selecting an ideal diamond within your budget. You don’t need to put together months and months of salary anymore!


Singapore jewelry trends notches higher this season

There’s no denying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but with record gold prices, semi-precious stones are the next big thing and there are many things you can experiment with. With various metals now becoming a welcome ally, jewellers in Singapore are experimenting like never before. Recent trends are dictated by really chunky pieces, the likes of clunky gold bangles and sexy anklets.

Jewelry Singapore

Even though some heavy-weight pieces are becoming really popular in jewelry in Singapore, many limited means are being targeted by a new trend for slinky jewelry, hollowed out pieces and jewelry made from non-traditional materials.

Fashionistas are no seen talking about “Sophisticated simplicity” which is the buzzword for most. Another important trend that has emerged over the years is the street-chic and rustic pieces made of semi-precious stones. These also come in materials like wood and titanium which give it a very different look. Experts say it’s not about the bling anymore. The days of the big heavy gold chain are probably over. And even those who are still sticking to the trend, lighter options in jewelry in Singapore are there. Girls are now vouching for smart fashion and this casual-chic style is probably a reflection of both fashion and economics.

What’s fuelling this trend are the prices of gold and platinum which have rocketed to record highs in the recent years. No one wants to spend like crazy in fashion jewelry. Then the designers are offering us lighter weight designs. This simply is giving way to more inventive and innovative designs to come up and the craftsmanship is being valued. People around the world are seeing a shift in favor of hollow jewelry. This is a smart moves that leads to less consumption of precious metals and are being sold for more or less the same prices that heavier items sold for a year or two ago before gold prices really began to soar.

Wedding Rings

The trend for light-weight jewelry can also be seen in high-end wedding ring settings. But people don’t really skimp on things like that. Spending money on jewelry with meaning is the new game. People who can’t afford platinum go for white gold instead. Generally, platinum pieces are two to three times dearer than 18 carat white gold.

Interestingly, there was more jewelry on the red carpet at the Oscars recently. This has given people a lot of trendy options to choose from and also know what not to do. A lot of actresses are wearing big gold necklaces which some women just don’t prefer. When it’s about trends, you need to go with something that assures to go with many seasons and ages.


Types of engagement rings

When you want the best rings, you can’t compromise on the quality. So if you want something that’s truly terrific when it’s about finding the right engagement ring in Singapore. And when you want something truly different, you’ll find that there’s bafflingly little useful advice out there about buying an engagement ring. A click on the browser and you have websites giving you tips on how to become an amateur purchaser. It’s time for some wisdom to help you get what you want without splurging those extra bucks. Here is a list of diamonds that are really worth their price. They are trendy, sexy and are waiting to be adorned.

Pavé Diamonds are a rage

The classy pavé setting is tiny, faceted, with fully cut stones that are set as close together as possible so you can’t see the metal around them. It’s sort of a metal band has been paved with diamonds. Its pave look has the bling that’s not outlandish. When you look for a proposal ring in Singapore, you can see pavé in metals from yellow gold to platinum.

Diamond Rings

The Vintage Look

Old is new this season. Go with the subtle and delicate look of vintage-inspired rings as the gems on these rings with their Old European round center cut make it a gorgeous option. You have Asscher cuts in these too. These come with minimal scroll-like engraving, and have microset (tiny, half-point) diamonds that make for perfect engagement options.

Colored Stones are a new trend

Forget just a big single colored solitaire on that finger and go with canary yellow diamonds, blue and pink sapphires or the rare light pink diamonds instead. These can now be seen on fingers everywhere. Sexy colors look really modern in a filigreed setting too. You can either let this be your birthstone or anything else. Looking for an engagement ring in Singapore is fairly easy when you know what color you really want.

Engagement Ring

Rings that are stacked

You can have two or more metal bands stacked together. This makes a fabulous fashion statement. You can either choose eternity bands with stones all the way around or channel set which are flush with the metal. Even pavé or plain metal bands are a rage today. The look is modern and flexible. You can easily wear it with or without your engagement ring. The best part is that you can start with one and he’ll have anniversary gift possibilities for the next few years.

So what are you waiting for? Use the suggestions to get the best ring for your special someone who means the world to you. Engagements rings made special!


Tips that help you pick flawless diamonds

Get real when it comes to purchasing anything in diamond

When you are putting your hands on the right kind of wedding ring, or earrings in diamond, avoid falling to those oh-these-go-with-this-dress options. Diamonds are an investment of sorts and you can’t risk them by just buying them for one specific dress. Buy something you will wear comfortable for years. Go with only real diamonds and don’t fall for its counterparts. And if that’s beyond your budget, get cultured pearl studs.

When buying diamond ear rings, match them right

When you want simple studs, match them well. No tools can rightly measure the patterns of a diamond’s cut like human eye does. For instance, you’re looking for one large diamond for each ear, it’s a little difficult to tell the difference in the size, but ensure you know that they both look alike.Diamond Rings

Pick the best when you go for a diamond

You will always have people telling you diamond quality doesn’t matter especially when it’s about diamond ear rings but that’s not true. So many of us give in to those yellow diamonds with visible inclusions just because we think no one will be looking that seriously at the ears. It is recommended that go with G-H-I color and SI clarity. And when it’s about your wedding ring, well, you know the answer.

Who says size doesn’t matter?

Be it your wedding ring, or any piece of jewelry that you are planning to buy, you’ve got to be sure that you buy a size that is worth it. Also make sure you know when someone offers you a specific size, what it exactly means. For instance, one carat studs mean half-carat per ear and not one carat for each ear. And then you have to ensure that if you are going for huge single-gem studs in any piece of jewelry, they shouldn’t really protrude, more so when they are in your ears.


Decide your budget in advance

When you are going for diamonds, there are fair chances you will end up buying something that fall slightly off your budget. In that case, you should know what you are getting into. Decide in advance how much you are willing to spend on a specific piece of jewelry.

Proposal RingGo with a trusted brand

There are many fakes in diamond ear rings that can’t be spotted easily. This is why it is pivotal to find the right supplier. Go for someone you can trust. Good brands are always a preferred option as they give you licensed products which are completely authentic.

Follow simple guidelines to get your diamonds today and flaunt those rings and studs with poise!


Proposal ring business getting net savvy!

It’s wedding season! Well isn’t it always wedding season! But this time we have a new pocket burner ‘the Internet’ which can be the “last moment” jewelry buyer’s savior angel but make sure you know what to look for and the right place to look for it.

More people are picking out their precious proposal ring online these days. The online jewelry industry has grown to $10 billion and also has been increasing an average of 3% a year from the past five years. So don’t give it a second thought or be apprehensive while buying a proposal ring or a diamond ear rings online. It not only saves you the sweat of visiting a jeweler store but also gives you a wider range of options to choose from.

Diamond RingsA woman with a classy and glamorous taste and a love for bling will definitely appreciate a proposal ring with channel-set diamonds in the band, after all isn’t that every girls dream? This band features tiny diamonds throughout the band, making these more sparkly than solitaires or even three-stone rings. The way they are embedded into the band makes channel-set diamonds different. Channel-set diamond rings tend to be the more affordable than its other counterparts. Add a set of diamond ear rings to this and you are sorted!

Diamond Ring SingaporeMany a brides have visited the jeweler to pick a diamond ring, only to return disappointed and frustrated at the lack of options. Women who plan on wearing their proposal ring solo on occasion might want to steer clear of the dilemma of their engagement ring complementing their wedding ring.

Before choosing a wedding ring on an online store, read the store’s return policy properly. It is obviously hard tojudge a diamond online, and there are chances that you might not be happy with ring. Make sure the retailer offers free shipping and complete refund. The other option is if you want to try the wedding ring before you buy it there are few online stores that offer that too. Remember that the online jewelry stores do take credit card information so be careful with what sites you visit and also be aware of all your transactions.